Imagine: The Future of the Rotaract and Rotary

By Raisa Tunay | Posted on February 22, 2023

“If you envision things, you will have a clear path to how to do things.”

When I was an Interactor, I envisioned joining the world of Rotaract and Rotary. I wanted to help others while building my chosen career path. Fast forward to 2020, I joined the world of Rotaract and became the Secretary and Acting President of our Rotaract Club. It was a rough journey because of the pandemic; our club was just a newly chartered club. But I believed that if you envision things, you will have a clear path to how to do things. I believed that Rotary and Rotaract will continue to become instruments to change other people’s situations and lives and they will continue to inspire others. 

I imagine Rotary and Rotaract will successfully fight and end “Polio” and build more opportunities for children and the youth. They will plan and execute projects that will be beneficial to our community. They will also touch the hearts of the children and the youth by doing projects that will encourage them to be Rotaractors and Rotarians. Rotaractors and Rotarians love to create projects that will have a great impact to others and involve non-Rotarians and non-Rotaractors in their cause. For example, the Rotaract Clubs in Rotaract District 3780, executed multiple projects for the “End Polio Campaign”. Some clubs sold T-shirts, perfumes, Rotaract merchandise such as tote bags, pins, and jackets, and some created fundraising gigs in which the proceeds would be donated to The Rotary Foundation. Rotary and Rotaract have their own new ways on how to help the community. For example, who would have taught that old notebooks will become a tool to help other students in their studies?  The Interact Club of Culiat High School and Rotaract Club of Culiat upcycled notebooks and donated it to the students. They did not spend much on the project, but they put a lot of effort into it.

It all starts with envisioning things, followed by proper planning, and finally executing what you have planned. I envision Rotary and Rotaract to always have this systematic process which will be the jewel of the future generations.

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