Every Rotaractor Matters, Speak Your Mind

By Melissa Nora | Posted on February 22, 2023

The pre-pandemic made us feel like we all live in a dark cave with lots of mazes where we have no idea how to move forward. Some of us have lost ours jobs, a loved one, and were even at the lowest point of our lives due to worries and fears that are uncontrollable. We cannot predict nor avert something from happening and we all must deal with what can possibly happen. However, there are times when we cannot handle the problems and there are negative thoughts that cross our minds. Some people rely on themselves because they have no one who can sympathize with them. Everyone was had a tough time and had battles of their own to deal with during the start of the pandemic. 

Consequently, Rotaract clubs have planned on creating seminars to celebrate and share information regarding the Mental Health Awareness Month. This gives importance to mental health and holistic wellness of an individual. Rotaract club members and non-Rotaractors were welcome to join the activities in order to be guided on the things to do and to lend a hand to a friend in need. Rotary Clubs should maintain and continue organizing online and physical seminars with activities where participants can be more attentive and participative. Having speakers who are experts in that field to give advice to all attendees that mental health is a priority and not just an option that can be disregarded.

These projects intend to create a safe space for Rotaractors and Rotarians as well as for the people who are not a part of the organization to be open with what they personally feel and be vulnerable towards their emotion and to fight against anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses that are currently experienced by most of us. Connections with psychiatrists is one of the best ways to have convenient access for our fellow Rotaractors who plan to have consultations due to distress. The feeling of being important, heard, and valid are the best things in the world and making Rotaractors and non-Rotaractors feel these, creates a bond and unifies the Rotary together. The goal is to see Rotaractors breakthrough in their struggles and hardships in life and for them to know that Rotaract do not leave anyone behind.

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