THR3S-hold: Intensifying the Reach of Rotary’s Areas of Focus

By Don Carlo Bravo Cuya | Posted on May 6, 2022

“Rotary members are passionate about providing sustainable solutions to inadequate access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene; poverty; and inadequate access to quality maternal and child care.” –

Strengthening the sustainability of positive actions among Rotary members, the Rotaract Club of Batangas Mid-West conducted a webinar featuring Three of the Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus entitled, “THR3S-hold: Intensifying the Reach of Rotary’s Areas of Focus”. It took place last March 26, 2022 via Zoom and was attended by overwhelming 190 plus participants.

First Topic Discussion with Ms. Jaychelle Ligaya, LPT

The first topic, “Way TooBig: The Huge Impact of Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Health Promotion” concerns the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Area of Focus. Ms. Jaychelle Ligaya, a Municipal Sanitary Inspector who is also a Fellow of the League of Sanitation Inspectors of the Philippines talked about and signified the importance of access to clean water, improved sanitation and better hygiene habits. She shared in detail its huge impact towards a healthy and productive life.

Second Topic Discussion with Engr. Lloyd Christian Manalo

The second topic, “Mas Patok ang Mag-Impok: How do you save and invest in today’s world?” concerns the Economic and Community Development Area of Focus. Engr. Lloyd Christian Manalo, a Licensed and Multi-awarded Financial Advisor, addressed and enlightened the participants about savings and investment, their differences and how essential those are for the future. He further discussed the different ways to save and the importance of investing at an early age. 

Third Topic Discussion with Ms. Camille Catanyag

The third and last topic, “Masyado Pang Maaga: Understanding Adolescent Pregnancy and its Societal Implications” concerns the Maternal and Child Health Area of Focus. Ms. Camille Catanyag, a Psychology Graduate with an on-going Master’s Major in Human Development boosted the knowledge of participants on teenage pregnancy, its effects and implications to health and society. She called for the need of Sex Education in the Curriculum to be taught by licensed professionals.

Open Forum with the Panel of Speakers

Mini-games were also facilitated which increased the level of engagement and participation among the participants. They were able to ask their questions to the esteemed and powerful panel of speakers through the Open Forum. 

Indeed, the Rotaract Club of Batangas Mid-West remained committed to serving to change lives. Through the webinar, it has intensified the reach of the Rotary’s Areas of Focus which significantly contributed in uplifting the lives of the participants. Certainly, continuous learning, knowledge sharing and information dissemination are vital sustainable solutions to the problems of the community.

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