Let the ROSE Bloom

By Audrey Mariel Candor | Posted on March 27, 2022

Motherhood is a fascinating, challenging, and frequently euphoric period in the life of a woman, as it showcases the lady’s incredible productive and maternal abilities while also straddling the line between the big picture. Becoming a mother is definitely the most rewarding and difficult job in the world. A life of the mother is victorious when she gives birth to a new life and guides it through the new world while holding its hands and creating a wonderful trail.

Reaching Out, Serving and Educating Mother or the Project R.O.S.E. This project intends to make high-quality well-being available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger. Hence, the primary objective of Project ROSE in each program is to provide all necessary support and assistance for mothers to have a healthy life-care and extend their capabilities and giving them a learning of a lifetime that they can treasure and share.

Actual procedure of making a dishwashing liquid

Project ROSE has been participated by Pregnant mothers and Samahan ng mga Kababaihan of Carmona, Cavite that also acquired different variations of programs such as maternal kits distribution, antenatal care seminar, dishwashing liquid making, and meat processing seminar. Upon mentioning these project initiatives by the club, they’ve given the women in the community a different perspective of living and provided them the opportunity to open a wide array in making this learning to be used in business and to other households. In line with this, the programs under Project ROSE are not just a one-time event but aims to help mothers or women to learn new skills and knowledge to gain another source of income especially this time of the pandemic. 

LCP Diana Rose Peralta-Rivera assist the participants in meat processing

Project ROSE is an example of promoting Maternal and Child Health and Economic and growth development. With this project, mothers have been given the inclusivity and opportunity to have high-quality well-being. Through programs under Project Rose, the beneficiaries feel that they are supported by someone especially for their needs. The positive impact of this project can be seen in the situation of the women as well as the mothers who are now enjoying the outcome of the project. Having the proper knowledge of motherhood and how they can be more empowered in the community are some of the things they have learned and now they continue to do and share with others. It will also give them the opportunity to have access to various types of livelihood programs, income generating programs and for them to have other knowledge to cross daily life. They were also provided with equipment that they could use in their homes and to use in business as well. In this way we can see that the project is not only completed in just one day but it is a lifetime access for them.

Rotary and Rotaract Club of Carmona with the beneficiaries of Project ROSE, 10 members of Samahan ng mga kababaihan, Carmona, Cavite

The Project ROSE hopes to help them bloom in this special journey. Let the petals of service and mother’s love scattered. Don’t let the torn of pandemic become an obstacle in giving the treatment that the community deserves.

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