Survival of Stray Cats, Dogs: You can be PAWsome, here’s how!

By Chivas Ayroso | Posted on February 28, 2022

As living beings, one of many things we first learn is survival. We all, know that the ability to exist despite hunger, extreme weather condition, or habitat disturbances is very important. In fact, even no one speakswe understand hunger. We, the  Rotaract Club of Greenfields QC, sought this realization from the perspective of individuals, who care for other beings, such as stray cats and dogs, known as fur community

Greenfields RACStars with the poster of the said activity.

Like homeless individuals, stray cats and dogs are asking for food assistance each day. Even we cannot understand their barks or meows, we do understand that they need our help. As Greenfields RACStars, together with our sponsoring Rotary Club, RC Greenfields Quezon City, Rotaract Club of STI College (RID 3810), and Interact Club of Novaliches High School, we decided to commit ourselves in a life-long and sustainable promise to roam around and provide supplementary cat and dog food to the communities of Brgy. Nagkaisang Nayon, and Brgy. San Agustin, Quezon City and Brgy. 168, Caloocan City, starting January 2022. 

Greenfields RACStars feeding stray cats.

The birth of a new year gave us hope to hold on that one day the declared 12 million stray cats and dogs will soon have their home, where all the care and safety that they will be needing will be assessed and given. The data presented by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society shows how crucial it is for the fur community to survive. Often, it leads to malnutrition, unfriendly behavior, and worst, early death.

Greenfields RACStars stroll around the area to feed the stray animals.

Firmly, Greenfields RACStars believes that there is no reason for us not to understand hunger that is why we developed the Project Animal Welfare (PAW) to be in the front line in our advocacy to #FightAgainstHunger in all formsfor humans and other beings. We established PAW to convey a message to everyone that it is not just your pet that can give you happiness and hope whenever you are struggling, it is now the time to be the source of their happiness as well. 

Since January 26, this project was able to help more than 100 stray cats and dogs, approximately 35 and 65, respectively. And it can be extended through various ways such as replicating the project to your locale, donating with us, volunteering with us, or catering dogs within your streets. Who says you can’t be PAWsome in just a few steps? 

As the aged saying goes, “Be the neighbor you wish to have”, we challenge and invite you to become the source of your pet’s happiness by extending your kindness to other members of the fur community. With assurance, Greenfields RACStars will let you understand how to do the pre-, during, post-assessments to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the project.

Have faith, courage, and take actionthese are just a few of many rules of survival. We have our faith to fight hunger in all forms in the world and we have faith in you that you will be with us until the day that we think that living is more than just about survival.

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