Introducing Children to Vocation

By Jewell Nathan M. Zosimo | Posted on February 7, 2022

The “mumu ” used to strike fear in every Filipino child whenever their Family wanted them to do something. It is common among our elders to make us do something by scaring us. “Bawal maging makulit hindi kukuhanin ka ng mumu” is perhaps what we can all remember. However, it is not always like that, our guardians have also used Santa Claus. “Maging mabait ka para mabigyan ka ng regalo ni santa sa pasko” – a usual reminder to the kids to avoid being listed in the naughty list whenever Christmas is approaching. 

Some of us developed a habit of emphasizing the consequences of our decisions in life, one of these decisions includes choosing our vocation. I can still remember how my parents urged me to be ambitious as early as I was little “Mag sumikap ka para hindi ka maging kawawa at mabili mo ang mga gusto mo”; being a pressure cooker. Although there is nothing wrong with grinding for yourself, I think there is a need for improvement in what we teach to children.

The existence of “mumu” and “santa claus” is to help our guardians shape our character, make us aware of what is right and wrong -eventually, these two transform into what we call failure and success in life. However, there is always an alternative.

Instead of telling children of the consequences, tell them about the opportunities and possibilities “Keep painting so that you can color the world” “Keep writing to give voice to those who have none” “Work hard so you can build a better world” and these values are found in Rotaract. In this way we teach children that life extends beyond their surroundings, it is not confined to the personal sphere. We are not just simply teachers, engineers, lawyers, or doctors but also world builders.

Rotaract clubs possess life-changing hands that can help children realize their vocations based on what they can do to others and not on the consequences such as failure in life. It also teaches the young ones to learn how to work together with different people in all walks of life; it makes them more open and integrated in human society.

The challenge during this pandemic is that children are not the usual type to attend webinars and zoom meetings; however , that doesn’t mean they are unreachable. One of the simple but effective ways is to start in the family, start with those who are around us, our little cousins and siblings, share with them that vocation is not just about climbing the ladder but also building a better world. This does not only strengthen our relationship with them but also with the community they belong to. It can be even a chance to introduce them to Rotaract! As for Rotaract clubs try reaching out to your Interact clubs, with the help of your sponsoring clubs, guiding these young ones in choosing and preparing for their vocation will not just benefit the club but ensure that the values found in Rotary live on. Although they might not appreciate it now, surely they will look back to it in the future as you did right now.

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