Five Reasons Why Filipinos Can’t Get Enough of K-Dramas

By Doryljim Dimaano & Rochelle Marie Martin | Posted on November 14, 2021

“Annyeonghaseyo!” Is this word familiar to you? If you are a sucker for Korean Dramas (K-dramas), a newbie, or have just started to be transfixed that K-dramas bring, then it is not surprising that you probably already know this common greeting! That’s right. It means “Hello” in Korean! 

Since local television networks started airing foreign television programs, K-dramas have been on the pedestal of Filipino televisions from the early 2000s. Various K-drama hits that captivated the eyes and hearts of every Filipino from then on are Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, and of course, who would not forget the notable Boys Over Flowers hailed as one of the greatest romantic hits; in the year 2009 and 2010? 

However, that is just the start of K-drama fever that ignited Filipino viewers to want more! As popular entertainment media platforms such as Viu, Netflix, etc., offer an array of K-dramas in their list. Such has become accessible tools for K-drama streaming in the Philippines and made available worldwide to stretch out “Hallyu” or “Korean Wave.” 

Koreanovelas have become our safe haven to relax and escape from the buzzling mecha. From Samgyupsal to Korean Fashion, and simping to the ethereal beauty of actors and actresses and dreaming of traveling in Korea, it is compelling that we are slowly getting influenced and inspired by Korean culture! Now that we have mentioned it, we have enumerated five reasons why Filipinos can’t get enough of K-dramas:


The primary reason why Filipinos love to watch K-dramas is definitely because of the actors and actresses. It is no secret that Koreans are particular with their looks. The standard of their celestial beauty appeals to the eyes of Filipinos, especially with their clear skin and toned bodies. Not to mention, what draws their attention more is their ageless beauty!

It is incredible how these actors and actresses can portray a far different role from their previous one. Lee Sung-Kyung, a Korean actress, played an envious doctor in The Doctors and a cheerful weightlifter in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo in the same year! Park Seo Joon went from a brave warrior to a hard-hitting boxer and then a visionary entrepreneur. The king of K-drama, Lee Min Ho, successfully becomes the dream man every woman wants with every character he plays. It is too unrealistic for someone to have possessed perfection, but with his superior acting skills, every persona he adopts caters to the female gaze.

The list prevails with the names of brilliant actors and actresses, but the one thing they have in common is their versatility as artists are to the brim!


Have you ever thought of becoming a Chief Executive Officer of your start-up company? Maybe at the back of your mind, you were thinking of a show called Start-Up! How about a Surgeon? Inspired by Dr. Romantic!

While these fantastic shows won the attention of every Filipino, it somehow certainly gives you the hopeful feeling and inspiration that you can be new again and the passion of who you want to be! Beyond those cheezy, romantic excitement and hair-raising scenes, K-dramas also have a lot to give — life lessons, realizations, and aspirations in life! 

As we all know that K-dramas offer a distinguished set of roles and personas in their stories: CEOs, doctors, journalists, artists, etc., and if you are still unsure what career you are going to take in the future, perhaps tuning into K-dramas can help channel a turning point of that yawning gulf between your reality now and to the coming times!


Short, sweet, and unique! These three words are arguably the key ingredients to produce a perfect K-drama. Just by scrolling and searching for a show through your favorite entertainment media platform, you can already tell that K-dramas have a vast and unique story! Some stories covered romance, thriller, comedy, horror, and more. 

Although this is not entirely new and special, cliff-hanger endings make the viewers want more and ultimately proceed to the next episode, demanding answers! On top of that, K-dramas also tackle relevant and sensitive topics that the world is currently facing. Such a show as It’s Okay Not To Be Okay is a story about healing and dealing with past traumas and mental health issues. And Itaewon Class that addresses transgender issues, racial issues, and social injustices.

Filipinos are evidently hyped and crazy with the mysterious story and meaningful messages that K-dramas convey. The Filipinos truly show every foreign film’s support globally, which can build strong ties with different nations! Indeed, let us continue this but don’t forget to never gamble on health! 


Korean dramas are rooted in Korean culture, traditions, beliefs, and history, and are always evident in almost every drama. A typical example would be how Koreans highlight their respect for the elders by strictly following honorifics. Nearly all historical fantasies are brought to life to mirror the truth, although not entirely accurate. This ignites the viewer’s imagination and interest in doing background research to expound their understanding of the show and its ancient history.

For instance, the Crash Landing On You that made a buzz all over the internet demonstrated the cultural difference between the North and South Koreans. Despite the common feelings two people had for each other, the apparent distinction of their way of living, accent, clothing style, and even haircut were expressed clearly. 

The Filipinos were fond of the forbidden love that is hindered by the contrariety of two people and the well-researched information that was manifested, which gives them additional knowledge of a culture beyond the Philippines.

Lastly, Koreans are also very superstitious, just like the Filipinos—no wonder they are hooked with K-dramas since they both have a common ground after all. 


Have you noticed how your ramyeon and tteokbokki cravings were influenced by that quick focus of these food served on the table? That is cinematography getting into your head…and stomach!

Everyone knows how amazing Korean films’ cinematography is. It is incredible how the editors give attention to even the slightest detail, from the lighting, angle, and color palette, to the camera effects and filters. This undeniably makes them effective in catching people’s attention and playing with their emotions by producing aesthetic visuals. 

On another note, it is one of the reasons why Filipinos love to binge-watch K-dramas because they feel like they are in the same world as the characters. They are almost literally taken to a realm wherein magic is real, mermaids exist, and a whole different universe unfolds. 

When the K-drama W: Two Worlds came out last 2016, it became word-of-mouth all over the Philippines of its unpredictable plot and realistic nature without losing the fictional imagery. Even in your 30s, you would probably pick the comic book up and wait for that handsome sharpshooter guy to come to life because this K-drama says it is possible!

In the Philippines, where storylines like this do not usually dominate the Philippine film industry, Filipinos will always look forward to K-movies and K-dramas that make their epic imaginations surreal.

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