In a Relationship with Rotaract, Five Years and Counting

By Marianick Villegas | Posted on June 16, 2021

You got invited by one of your friends because she said that you will have a wonderful time there. You believed her and what a nice time you did have!

Back then, you were an overachiever. You wanted to do something and be someone but you didn’t know what. You were trying new things. You joined conferences and attended programs by different organizations to find out what you wanted. It was then that you met Rotaract.

During your first encounter with Rotaract, you wished to meet new people and connect with them. You wanted to venture into International Service in hopes of using your voice to spread the good that you do and what Rotaract does. But you were a worrier (still are) and a people pleaser. You always thought about your lack of participation in the club. You didn’t like letting other people down so you always thought you needed to be at every project and event. 

But that was not possible as you only have limited time. You were still in college and needed to prioritize your studies and academic engagements. You also worried about your finances. As you live far from your district (still do), you had to allot some money for food and transportation. Your pride would not allow you to blurt this fact to your clubmates. They would understand as you were not the only one going through the same thing. 

During your early days in Rotaract, you aspired to be like your club leaders. You wanted to be recognized. You wanted to be an officer. As you spent time in your club, you got to know what it took to be in that position. So you changed your mind and changed your mind again until you got ill. You had to stop for a while to focus on your health. 

As a newbie, you mostly spent your time with your home club. You rarely engaged with people out of your club and that was okay. It was fun to have met all these people and get to know them personally. Until now, you have yet to make friends with some of your clubmates. But there comes a time in life when you need to let go of people who do not share the same values as yourself. You have to let go of those people who don’t want any part of what you are working for in Rotaract.

Time passed by and you enjoyed being in the presence of like-minded people. You loved the thrill and excitement of having something fulfilling to do. There were times when you were putting work first before yourself just to please others. You kind of regret those times, but remember that you did not know any better.

Still, you felt accomplished. Those feats of success gave you confidence and joy in your heart. But until now, you are not satisfied with what you do for your Rotaract club. You learned to accept that you can only do so much, and maybe you haven’t found your special place that is why you can’t unleash your full capacity.

Because of all of your unique experiences in Rotaract, you emerged like a caterpillar who grew into a beautiful butterfly ready to face anything thrown at you. Rotaract has given you many chances to get to know yourself. You would not be the way you are today if not for Rotaract. It has opened its arms for you and accepted you the way you are. 

Your early years with Rotaract shaped you into a person you admire. It’s safe to say that your relationship with yourself is now stronger. Rotaract has made you believe in yourself in more ways than one. It has provided you with friends whom you can call family and they taught you how to value others while you juggle your health, studies and career.

On this day, I say to you that your life would be much different without Rotaract. Looking back was fun while it lasted. It has been five years since you were an aspiring member. Now that you are a full-fledged member, I challenge you to look forward and embrace the bright future you have with your home club and with Rotaract. Continue loving Rotaract as it has loved you.

What does it mean to love Rotaract?

To love Rotaract is to be kind and compassionate with another being. To love Rotaract means that you are passionate about life itself as Rotaract covers different aspects of living in a connected society.

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