TikTok: The Renaissance of the Contemporary World

By Ma. Theresa Lanelle C. Baňez | Posted on May 29, 2021

The unstable world has been slowly adjusting to the detrimental effects of the pandemic. Time passes by like thin air with people trying to make the most out of every moment despite its fleetness. Different parts of the globe suddenly became hooked to a trend that makes millions singularly connected despite the margin among timezones. 

In September 2016, ByteDance, a Chinese software developer founded by Zhang Yiming, developed Douyin, or what is today known as “TikTok.” The software application is recognized as a video-sharing social media networking platform used as a tool to create short graphic clips from existing themes or genres such as dance, music, education, comedy, and lifestyle. 

How did TikTok create the new beat of the present clock?

The talents of countless influencers and content creators were unearthed with regards to conceptualizing aesthetically compiled videos that gave rise to various trends. The bandwagon of self-expression has progressed dramatically and attracted people of diverse intentions to use the platform themselves. The art of exploring new talents and skills has been gaining vast attention among application users. Looking for new dance routines, learning cooking hacks, adapting fresh aesthetic ways of fashion, modifying house interiors, and even impersonating talents and skits are making their way for public view and inspiration.

This contemporary world, bearing the brunt of these trying times, has begun to embrace TikTok, a rising movement defying distance and bringing strangers to realize a singular purpose of refining and redefining the meaning of communication and relationship. Serving as an engaging platform, TikTok pursued the public to maximize an opportunity of reaching and growing an audience as an aspiring content creator or simply learning at the palm of one’s hands as a spectator. 

The contemporary language of understanding the abstract ways of man in coping with the present rush of time may seem daunting, but, one thing is for sure. Even though modern era is continuously evolving, the now is understood to some degree because of the semblance of oneness that TikTok formed. 

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO has a Tiktok channel (https://www.tiktok.com/@phrotaractmdio) which features Rotaractors’ Tiktok videos about their experience in the organization’s projects as well as their talents in dancing and acting.

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