Philippine Rotaract Magazine is a digital platform where Rotaractors can feed on the latest news, activities, and inspirational stories of Rotaract clubs and districts in the Philippines. It is the first of many collaborations between the Philippine Rotary Magazine and the Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO). 


  1. To be the go-to site of Philippine Rotaractors for first-hand, exclusive information and a top source for inspiring stories of service
  2. To bridge the gap between Rotary and Rotaract as a response to the international call of elevating Rotaract through collaborations 
  3. To serve as a blueprint for Rotaract clubs across the globe who envision to create a similar project 


Philippine Rotaract Magazine 
Published by the Philippine Rotary Magazine Foundation, Inc.

Gianina Maria Ciriaco

Managing Editor
JN. Vianney Dagandan

Associate Editor
Elyrose Naorbe

Creative Editor
Julian Miguel Adique


Editorial Staff

Senior Writer
Reycent Danielle Valdez

Staff Writers
Roland Leonillo
Adrian Sto. Domingo

John Marvin Rey Leonor


Content Director
Beatrice Malveda

Technology Adviser
Johnny Sy

Louie Boy De Real
Manuel Joseph Franco



Groundbreaking initiatives are always propelled by inspirational experiences of people. This section details everything you need to know about the collaboration of Rotary and Rotaract in the Philippines for the Philippine Rotaract Magazine Digital Edition.

RAC Matter of the Month

Rotaract being a highly diverse organization means that there are a lot of topics that appeal and involve Rotaractors. This section features the overarching topic of the month, discussing how it has become relevant within the Rotaract community and how Rotaractors in the country take action on this topical focus.


Pilipinas Rotaract has a wealthy roster of the best and inspiring Rotaractors in the organization, some of whom are making marks in the national and international scene. This section features stories of remarkable Filipino Rotaractors from whom Rotaractors and Rotarians alike can draw inspiration from.

D’Pinned District 

Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines are also grouped into district Rotaract organizations aligned with the Philippine Rotary district classification. These district Rotaract organizations help grow Rotaract Clubs and drive them to support Rotary’s goals. This section features the district Rotaract organizations—their remarkable initiatives to bring top-notch Rotaract beyond the club experience.

RAC Hall of Fame

Rotaract Clubs are at the frontline of delivering the best membership experience and impact to Filipino communities. This section features the journeys of Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines and the qualities that make them role models for others.

On tRACk

Information is a driver of transformative action. This section features the latest news affecting the Rotaract community, the pioneer initiatives of Rotaract Clubs on membership engagement as well as the stories on remarkable service projects of Rotaractors.

A RACviser Once Said

Key to developing the present and future Rotaract leaders is mentorship from role model Rotarians. This section features advice from Rotarians that the Rotary and Rotaract community can look up to for inspiration.

RACRound the World

Rotaract, just like Rotary, is a global organization. It is a network of young leaders from different cultures. Rotaractors maximize the opportunity by connecting and collaborating with their peers from different parts of the world. This section features the exchanges, joint projects, and twin relationships between Rotaractors in the Philippines and Rotaractors abroad.

RAC Kapehan!

Rotaractors are driven in the organization to continuously exchange ideas as it is through these exchanges that they connect, inspire, and transform each other. This section features conversations among Rotaractors on common or trending topics and concerns.

RAC Speaks

Rotaractors definitely have a lot of lessons and stories to tell whether about their membership experience or their life outside of Rotaract. This section features personal essays from Rotaractors where they share tips on club and membership development, service project development and implementation, or even professional or personal life goals.

RAC Reconnect

Service projects of Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines have consistently been recognized, here and abroad, for the outstanding sustainable impact they make to Filipino communities. This section features the impact of Rotaract club service projects using the lens of their own beneficiaries.