RACMNIS Navigates Unpredictability in Relief Operations

By Mark Jameson Pilotin | Posted on November 16, 2023

Typhoon Egay is proof that circumstances are indeed unpredictable— there is a chance that they will transition into something horrible. Who would have thought that a peaceful 3:10 am on July 26 in Fuga Island in Aparri, Cagayan would be disrupted by a raging typhoon as it made its landfall on the said place?

As unpredictability showed its dark side in the form of the typhoon, it also brought out the compassion and goodness of humans at this trying time. In fact, this compassion and goodness manifested in Rotaract Club of Magsingal North Ilocos Sur as they lent a hand in relief operations, initiated by the TREE Society on July 29 and 30, 2023.

Unfortunately, the Ilocos region is one of the regions that received the typhoon’s wrath, bringin households down to its knees and destroying communities in general. Thus, the relief operations were executed in some places in Ilocos Sur, specifically in Vigan and Bantay that suffered from the aftermath of the typhoon. These places are: Shelterville, San Julian Sur, Brgy. Cabalangegan, Brgy. Capangpangan, Brgy. Pagpartian in Vigan City, and Brgy. VI in Bantay, Ilocos Sur

Compassion in action: President Rizalie extending a helping hand in the wake of typhoon’s wrath.

The relief operations that were carried out were made into reality by various sponsors who also upheld the essence of goodness and compassion as they stretched their hands to the victims of the typhoon through their help and it includes other Rotaract Clubs which are RAC Dolores, RAC Central Tarlac, RAC La Trinidad-Sharelife Community, and RAC Magalang.

Essential necessities were distributed from the relief operations such as hot meals, hygiene packs, drinking water, vitamins, and clothes. These things that were given will serve as a kickstart for the victims to start again and to reclaim the comfort that the typhoon has taken away from them.

The typhoon has left several hindrances that will definitely slow down the recovery of the victims since the damage is so extensive that it might penetrate the spirits of the victims, weakening their willingness to start again.

During the typhoon, according to the victims, the water level in some areas of Ilocos have reached a height exceeding that of an average human height. While in some areas, the water level reached to the waist. These floods have entered households, destroying the properties and personal belongings inside, snatching away the warmth that these households once had. It also claimed some of the livestock’s life owned by the victims, making it hard for them to make ends meet while the aftermath of the typhoon is still fresh. 

Bringing hope amidst the chaos: Secretary Leo providing much-needed relief to those affected by the typhoon.

Moreover, the floods turned the streets inaccessible since thick muds covered the road making it impossible to be passed by vehicles. The electricity was also cut off for a few days further decreasing the quality of life of the victims making it harder to make the ends meet since one of their sources of income were taken away from them.

Until now, the aftermath of the typhoon is still evident. The unpredictability of our recovery makes it uncertain if we can finally recover or there will be another typhoon that will strike us. However, the Rotaract Club of Magsingal North Ilocos Sur will surely be in your aid so rest assured that together, we will push through.

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