15 Years of Impact: RACCF-USC Receives ‘Exceptionally-Inspiring Humanitarian Organization’ Award

By Jysrielle Faith Paderes | Posted on November 15, 2023

On the 30th of September, a momentous occasion unfolded as Hope-Creating President Rtr. Jysrielle Faith Paderes, International Service Director Rtr. Jossiah Jireh Faith Montives, and The Rotary Foundation Chair Rtr. Chrissia Mae Buctot represented the club at the 4th Southeast Asian Achievement Awards held at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Santa Cruz, Manila to receive a prestigious award and honor dedicated to the exceptional efforts and impact of the Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente – University of San Carlos (RACCF-USC).

The RACCF-USC Hope-Creating Officers with Ms. Daisy Mesa during the awards night.

During the awards ceremony, the Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente – University of San Carlos was awarded as the “Exceptionally-Inspiring Humanitarian Organization of the Year.” This recognition stands as a testament to the club’s unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes and its outstanding contributions to society. The club’s dedication to service, philanthropy, and community engagement has set it apart as an inspiring force for good.

Rotaractors present during the event happily smiling after receiving the award

As we receive the award, we can’t help but reflect that the award in our hands is not an individual achievement but a collective one. The success of RACCF-USC can be attributed to the concerted efforts of past presidents, dedicated officers, committed members, invaluable partner organizations, wise advisers, and supportive stakeholders during its 15 years of dedicating itself to fellowship through service since 2008.

This award is a reflection of the passion and hard work that has gone into every project, event, and initiative undertaken by the club. It underscores the resilience and the sense of community that defines the spirit of a school-based Rotaract club. This tangible award is a representation of the student-leaders since 2008 that have juggled, struggled, and persevered in balancing their dedication to service and their efforts for academic excellence.

The RACCF-USC Hope-Creating Officers with six-time World Bowling champion, Paeng Nepomuceno who was also an awardee that night.

As a club, we take pride in celebrating this achievement with both gratitude and humility. We are inspired to continue our journey, making a positive impact, and embracing our responsibility to serve, uplift, and inspire. The “Exceptionally-Inspiring Humanitarian Organization of the Year” award serves as a reminder that together, we can be a powerful force for creating hope and making change in our community and the world.

Hope-Creating President Rtr. Jysrielle Faith Paderes proudly and humbly holding the award dedicated to the club representing all the student-leaders that have persevered for the love and dedication to service.

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