BasaHero Project: Reader today, be a Hero someday

By Ella Mae Cuaresma | Posted on October 1, 2023

The Rotaract Club of Parañaque St. Andrew organized an impactful community initiative known as the “BasaHero Project” throughout the four Saturdays of August. The project’s name, “BasaHero,” cleverly combines the Filipino word “basa,” meaning “read,” and “hero,” symbolizing the club’s commitment to being heroes of education and empowerment. BasaHero is a passion-driven initiative aimed at empowering underprivileged children through education. What started as a vision to empower young minds through literacy has now evolved into a remarkable reality. 

Teaching the ABAKADA to 7 year-old kids

The project’s recent event, held at a Rotary Homes Parañaque City with 60 children as our beneficiaries. One of the standout features of the BasaHero Project is its student-to-student mentorship program. Rotaract Club volunteers, many of whom are university students themselves, dedicate their time and effort to work directly with local children. This not only helps the children improve their reading skills but also serves as a source of inspiration, as the young volunteers become relatable role models for the kids they mentor. 

Feeding not only their minds but also their tummy

By collaborating with other Rotaract Clubs, we ensured that the impact of BasaHero would extend far beyond the duration of the project itself. Through these partnerships, the love for reading and learning was planted as a seed that will continue to flourish in the years to come and proving that when we stand united, we can truly be heroes for change.

Creating an energetic learning vibe through energizing activity

We conducted our culminating activity last August 26, 2023, it was a true celebration of knowledge, imagination, and the spirit of giving back. The smiles on the faces of the children we’ve reached remind us why we embarked on this journey in the first place. We firmly believe that every child deserves access to quality education and a chance to shine like a hero. We embraced this journey with open hearts and eager minds, children are the true heroes of this story. 

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