From One Leader to the Next, DG Paul Encourages Rotaract to Participate

By Marianick Villegas | Posted on August 26, 2023

“Rotarians find the best thing about being a Rotarian is the opportunity to make a positive impact in their communities and around the world through service projects and fellowship.”

A Rotarian since 1991, one might say that District Governor Paul Angel Galang of Rotary International District 3780 has been through experiences that shaped him to be the leader he is today. 

Gov Paul Spearheading D3780 END TB Campaign

Today’s Rotarians are challenged not only to rediscover their passion in service, but also to adapt to changing times for the future of Rotary and their respective clubs. DG Paul is no stranger to such challenges, having been part of the Rotary Club of Metro San Fernando Pampanga until 1996 and transferred to Rotary international District 3780 in 2009, where he joined the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights and served as the Club President during the Rotary Year 2014-2015. 

The new Rotary Year has come, officially marking his start as one of the Hope-Creating District Governors in the country. He has bigger challenges to face and more learning experiences to go through as a leader. Fortunately, he won’t be alone in his leadership journey as the young, eager Rotaract and Rotary leaders behind him. 

To encourage and support the youth leaders from both Rotary and Rotaract, DG Paul has pieces of advice to improve Rotary-Rotaract relationship, among others. 

Rotary-Rotaract Relationship :

1. As a leader who creates hope for the world, what do you think are the ideal characteristics of a Rotarian should a Rotaractor emulate?

  • Ideal characteristics for a Rotaractor to emulate from Rotarians include a commitment to service, integrity, ethical behavior, and a strong sense of community.

2. What are some ways that Rotarians and Rotaractors can work together effectively?

  • Rotarians and Rotaractors can work together effectively by fostering open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration. Regular meetings, joint projects, and mentorship programs can help strengthen the relationship.

3. How will you strengthen the relationship between Rotary Clubs and their sponsoring Rotaract Clubs? How can you encourage Rotarians and Rotaractors to form good working relationships?

  • To strengthen the relationship between Rotary Clubs and their sponsoring Rotaract Clubs, it is important to encourage active involvement and collaboration. This can be done through joint meetings, joint projects, and providing opportunities for Rotarians and Rotaractors to connect and learn from each other.
One of the Rotary Events

Rotaract Advice : 

1. In Rotary, networking, collaboration, and cooperation are essential. What advice would you give to Rotaract Clubs that wish to expand their network for better project implementation?

  • Rotaract Clubs can expand their network by actively participating in Rotary events, attending district conferences, and engaging with other community organizations. Building relationships with other Rotaract and Rotary clubs can also help expand their network for better project implementation.

2. What will you suggest to the Rotaractors to increase their donation to the Rotary Foundation and End Polio?

  • To increase donations to the Rotary Foundation and End Polio, Rotaractors can educate their members about the importance of these causes, organize fundraising events, and collaborate with other clubs to pool resources and maximize impact.

3. What do you think inspires Rotaractors to become Rotarians? How will you influence Rotaractors to continue their leadership journey as Rotarians?

  • Rotaractors may be inspired to become Rotarians by witnessing the positive impact Rotary has on communities and the world. To influence Rotaractors to continue their leadership journey as Rotarians, it is important to provide mentorship, opportunities for growth, and recognition for their contributions.

4. What advice will you leave to the young leaders who are just starting their journey as part of Rotary International? This question applies to both dual members and newly inducted Rotaractors.

  • For young leaders starting their journey in Rotary, I would advise them to be open to learning, embrace new challenges, and actively participate in club activities. Building relationships with other members and seeking mentorship can also help in their leadership development.

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